What is currently on my Netflix Recently Watched List

What is currently on my Netflix Recently Watched List

I don’t watch as much tv as I should. Ha! Bet you weren’t expecting that sentence! Seriously though, there are some really good shows out there. And Netflix, I must say has really surprised me with the quality of tv series they are dishing out. I know, however that I am also a little behind with ‘what’s hot and what’s not’, meaning that I am only now on Season 8 of Supernatural. I know! Shock and Horror, right?

But your priorities change…with time – I bet you were thought I was going to say “with having a baby”! And yes, back in the day I could do a 24 rerun in about 8 days. And that was with loads of coffee and junk food. These days, I can maybe make an episode of an ‘ok’ tv show. Then there are times when hubby and I get through an entire series over the course of a month: only doing weekday evenings after the Mouse has gone to bed.

There are some tv shows that hooks me within the first 10 minutes of the Pilot, like Black List. Then there are those that need a few episodes to get me interested enough to continue, like AMC’s The Walking Dead – and now I can’t stop watching it. What makes a good tv, for me personally? Well, easiest answer would be: Character development, brilliant storyline without the need for over-the-top sex scenes (I couldn’t even get through the first episode of StartUp and so won’t be watching it again).

Well, here is what is currently on my “Recently Watched” List when I open my Netflix Profile:

  • Supernatural
  • Paranoid – Netflix Original
  • House of Cards – Netflix Original
  • Crossing Lines
  • Sleepy Hollow (sans Johnny Depp)
  • The Good Witch – this just takes me back to 90’s wholesome tv
  • Grimm – I am rewatching old episodes when I clean the house
  • Stranger Things – Netflix Original (we have finished this and are eagerly awaiting the next season
  • And for some weird reason, I seem to have Curious George on there too 🙂

There are some movies on there as well. The list is far too long and I wouldn’t want you guys thinking that all I do all day is sloth on the couch watching tv while my forest animal friends clean my house and my fairy godmother cooks me dinner 🙂

What is currently on your list of tv shows that you watch regularly? Do you watch tv as much as I do? I’m eager to hear what others are watching at the moment.

Till later, dearies
Lady G


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