Week 9 – Funny Pregnancy Story

Week 9 – Funny Pregnancy Story

You have heard them before: your best friend telling you about the time she was watching tv and all of a sudden she burst into tears; or that time you sister was doing the dishes and she just started crying. In both instances, the ladies were pregnant. At this moment in my life, there are 6 women in my life who are pregnant. 6! I guess there must be something in the water! And when I think of the changes that their bodies are currently going through, I think back to 3 years ago when I first held that positive pregnancy test in my hand. Little did I know that just a few months later, I would have my very own ‘hormonal-moment’.

So I think I was about 7 months pregnant, heavy, big, tired and sitting in the passenger seat of our car. Hubby was driving 110km/h on the A1 towards his parents home. This drive usually takes about 5 hours when we do 1 pit-stop. On this day though, we had already made 3 stops due to my unborn baby girl pressing on my bladder and me needing to urgently pee. The drive was terrible. I couldn’t find a comfortable position: moving onto a different bum-cheek every few minutes. The seat-belt was irritating me and I was cold. It felt like this drive was taking forever. And I wanted it to end. My poor husband tried everything to make the drive as comfortable as he could, but I think after 2 hours I was just done. Little Mouse was also kicked so much, I thought she was having a party of her very own in my belly.

We were about 3 hours into our drive, when I just started to cry. And cry and cry. And the reason was the most ridiculous reason I had ever heard come out of anyone’s mouth: I was upset that we had been driving behind trucks all this time and I couldn’t ‘see anything in front of me’. Yep, folks – I was officially going cuckoo.

Now I must explain something first: I am a very nervous passenger (this is probably also why it took me so long to get my driver’s license). And being a nervous passenger, I don’t particularly enjoy when my husband drives fast. And living in Germany, well that gives us the ‘Autobahn’, where at certain points there is no speed limit. And since hubby knew this trip would be a bit of a stressful one with me carrying a watermelon, etc. he decided that he wouldn’t drive too fast, so that I could relax a little and not worry about looking over at the speedometer the entire trip. But this then meant that he would have to drive in the slow lane on the right, which meant driving behind trucks. But I had not known that this was his plan – to make it less stressful for me, his pregnant wife!

So I cried and cried and eventually, managed to tell him, through sobs, that I was upset because I couldn’t see anything because we had been driving between two trucks. And I want to see other things on the road!

Looking back now, I can’t stop laughing. I used to think men were mad when they blamed hormones for when their women acted crazy. But having lived through that part of life, I can totally understand it all. Of course that was only the beginning. I still cry at random times, but perhaps that’s just because I am a sensitive soul 🙂

Do you have a funny hormonal story you want to share? You can comment below, I’d love to hear it. Sometimes we, as women just need to let it out. And it’s completely and totally normal.

Till later!
Mam G


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