My Kitchen


Welcome!!!! Come take a look around. I am passionate about baking, cooking, entertaining, and generally mucking about in my kitchen. My husband enjoys my cooking, even when I am having an ‘off’ day – and those don’t happen too often, thankfully! I have a few favourite dishes and meals that I tend to turn to when I’m running short on time, BUT I do LOVE experimenting and trying new cuisines, ingredients and combinations. And that doesn’t mean that everything turns out great on the first go. For instance: I love tuna, hubby loves tuna. Hubby loves walnuts, but I like them only when roasted. And who doesn’t like a nice tuna and mayo sandwich, right? I had loads of those growing up, so when I first met hubby, I decided to mix and match these ingredients a bit. I tried adding walnuts to the tuna and mayo and I didn’t like it. On the second try I roasted the walnuts and added them to the tuna just before serving – I also added a bit of salt and cayenne pepper. I skipped the bread and served the Tuna ‘salad’ with Rib-eye steak and roast potatoes (Mum always used to say never ever fish with meat – I’m a rule-breaker 🙂 ). That right there became a staple favourite and it still is!

So from cooking to baking and everything in between, check out my “What’s Cooking” section under the “Categories” link on the right of the page. And to tempt you even more, there’ll be some pictures too…

Happy baking! Happy cooking!

Lady G